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Gen Detective by Rumblesoft, Inc. Rumblesoft, Inc.

About Rumblesoft®, Inc

RumbleSoft's mission is to help the family genealogist discover as much information as possible regarding their family history. Using our software will enable the genealogist to hone his/her research and visually identify additional research opportunities. RumbleSoft's software is a compliment to existing software and provides extensive reporting capabilities, beyond the scope of the genealogists chosen genealogy software program.

While many software utilities for genealogy have been designed and written by genealogists who write software as a hobby, GenDetective® was designed by a genealogy hobbyist who designs and writes commercial software.

Sandra Rumble

Sandra Rumble has designed and written software for businesses who are members of the Fortune 1000 as well as some of the largest international companies. With over 30 years experience creating software she brings a lifetime of software design experience with her into the world of genealogy. Sandra has been tracing her family genealogy and history since the late 1990's when her grandmother developed Alzheimer's. Combining her two passions, Sandra started designing GenDetective®, as a way to focus her personal research efforts, in large part because she was unable to find existing tools to meet her research needs in the marketplace.

Charles Rumble

Charles Rumble, who holds an MBA from Temple University, brings to RumbleSoft over 30 years experience running small businesses from startups to turnarounds. He is helping to build the company from the ground up to a deliver world class product to the family genealogy market. Charles will also lend his new product development and marketing expertise to RumbleSoft's products.

Rumble Soft
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