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Gen Detective by Rumblesoft, Inc. Rumblesoft, Inc.

GenDetective® Video Series

GenDetective installs with a library of videos, designed to help you explore, learn and get the most from GenDetective. Not only do we have videos demonstrating how to use the software, we have vidoes showing you how to create a GEDCOM file, but we have videos that show you how to define a census, census substitute or military conflict that can be used for your family!

See a quick tour of the newest version of GenDetective® demonstrating what it offers to a genealogist!


The GenDetective Video Series library contains the following free videos:

Tour of GenDetective

Getting Started With GenDetective 3!

Introduction to GenDetective

My Family View

My Maps View

My Research Progress

My Tree View

My Video Library

Reports By Task

So what is a GEDCOM file anyway?



The GenDetective Video Series library also contains the following videos that are available for purchase:

Beyond the Basic Source Reports

Defining Military Conflicts

GenDetective Put My Family Where?

Generic and Special Locations

I Can Replace My Tracking Spreadsheets!

Introduction to Source Reports

Military Service Reports

Multimedia Reports

Standardizing Place Names


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