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Gen Detective, Bridging Generations, Analyze Your Genealogy Data Today to Discover Your Past

Do you need help:

Visualizing where your family lived?

Identifying research opportunities?

Organizing your research?

Figuring out a way around brick walls?

Determining who needs "work"?

Planning a research trip?

Figuring out what to research online?

GenDetective helps you with all of these tasks! Instead of spending your time trying to figure out what to do, spend your time researching!

Traditional genealogy software programs, whether on our desktop or the internet, allow us to record our data, describe our family, who they were, when they were born, married, died and who their children were. These programs have reports, but the reports can only tell us what we have already told them! As genealogists we are not looking to discover what we already know, instead, we want to research the things we do not know, to find those elusive pieces of data that we are missing! GenDetective® has many graphical views that will help you:

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