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My Family View

The My Family View is one of the key, central features of GenDetective®. Anywhere in GenDetective that you see a person's name (My Maps, My Personal Research, My Tree and My Family views), when you click on the name, you will immediately jump to the My Family View and see information that is similar to what is shown in the picture! To watch an exploratory video of the My Family View, click here.

My Family View picture


The key features of the My Family View are numbered in the picture above and are:

  1. The person list: a list of your family members that meet the criteria (see #2)
  2. Show my family who are: this provides you with a way to see a subset of your family tree. Your choices include: direct, close, distant family members as well as parents, grandparents, 2nd great grandparents .. 4th great grand aunts & uncles .. 1st cousins .. 3rd cousins .. all of the different relationships that are found in your tree!
  3. males and females .. Reset All Criteria: click on any of these links to limit (filter) the gender, country, time period, options for people displayed in the person list (see #1)
  4. Report: Research Progress: click this link to select from 6 different GenDetective worksheets to be displayed for each person selected in the middle section of the screen (see #5)
  5. Report: the center area of the screen is filled with a detailed report for the selected person. You can choose from several different style reports to be displayed each time you click on a persons name (see #4).
  6. Family members: this list will display the family members and their relationship to the selected person. The Home Person will always head the list, followed by parents, spouses, children and siblings. You can click on any of these people and a new report will be displayed for that person in the center area (see #5).
How do you get to the My Family View? You can click on the My Family button in the toolbar, you can select the My Family from the GenDetective toolbar, select My Family View from the View menu bar, or click on a person in any of the other views!
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