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My Graphs View

The My Graphs View is part of the power user features in GenDetective® 2, and on the surface appears to be very similar to My Research Progress. However, My Graphs does not use the foot prints to represent your research progress, because this feature has no knowledge of, nor does it respect any of your personal research goals. Instead, it displays the absolute, missing, partial and completed research.

For example, if as part of your personal research goal you indicate you only are interested in census records from 1850 forward, that is reflected in your My Research Progress view and you will only be shown census records that range from 1850 to today. However, when looking at My Graphs all possible census records will be shown, whether you care about them or not!

The main areas of the My Graphs View view include:

  1. The research area
  2. The information found, missing or partially found for each demographic area
  3. A filter area so you can display only people with a selected relationship
  4. A way to filter the list of people by various criteria including: gender, location and time period.

Once you select a research area on the left, here are two notable areas in this image:

  1. Bar chart: this chart shows your research progress for each demographic that makes up the research area. There are three possible colors for each bar: purple (located research), pink (partial research) and blue (missing research)
  2. List of demographic facts: these mirror the areas shown by the bars. Clicking on any of these links is the same as clicking on one of the color bands in the chart.


Clicking on any of the colored bars in the chart area or on one of the links listed below the chart result in a view that is similar to what is shown below. Note that instead of the list of links as shown in the image above, the list has been replace by the people who match the research demographic that you clicked on!

Clicking on any of these people will jump you to the My Family View and display a research progress worksheet for the selected person. Note, that each of the people listed are shown with their individual research progress and, in the research progress worksheet your personal research goals will be respected.




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