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My Maps View

The My Maps view in GenDetective®, is a new way to visualize your family and your research! In the My Maps view you begin with a world view of your family and from there you can navigate to any country, state and even county that where your family lived.

When working with the My Maps view, keep in mind that these maps represent today's modern-day political boundaries. When you place your family on a map in GenDetective you are looking at the current day countries or states that you would be traveling to! For additional information about My Map view click here to watch the video!

My Maps in GenDetective showing world map of your family tree


Looking at the screen picture you will notice (corresponding to the numbers in the picture):

  1. The relatives to include in the map. Choices include all of the relationships for people in your current family tree. This powerful option allows you to see, by generation, where your family lived and migrated.
    • Option Map People: controls the information mapped on the screen. When people is selected the map will display the number of people in each country, state or county.
    • Option Map Events: controls the information in the map, when events are selected the map will display the number of events recorded in each country, state or county. What is the difference? The number of events tends to be a factor of the number of people living in a place and the amount of research that has been conducted in an area.
  2. The map area fills the middle of the screen.
  3. This area displays the flags of the countries that correspond to the countries where your family of the selected relationship (see #1) lived.
  4. The family list of the people who lived in the selected country, state, county, town, or township.
  5. This area below the map has multiple columns:
    • The number of people for a country
    • Number of events you have identified for each country
    • Average number of events per person located
    • Country name (historic country names may not be displayed on the map). Click on the country, state, or county name to see a map of the locality!
    • Report button which will create a report that tells you information about this country, state, county, town, or township.
  6. Use these links to filter or trim the list of people that are displayed in the list in #3 above.
  7. Reports tab displays a list of suggested reports that correspond to the currently selected map.

Click on any country on the screen to see a map of your family in that country showing the current state boundaries!My Maps in GenDetective showing US map of your family tree

Next, I might want to look at my family in any given state. Do this by clicking on the state in the map or on the state name in the link list below the graph (not shown). Looking at a map of my family tree in the state of Indiana, I can see that it doesn't appear very helpful. It looks like I have people scattered all over the state.

What good does thiState map of Indiana for all members of your family trees do me?

It doesn't appear to be very helpful, but since I want to focus my research on my direct relatives, I can change the map to only show the counties where my direct relatives lived in Indiana.



GenDetective map of Indiana showing only direct relatives in IndianaIt is immediately obvious that if I am going to research in Indiana, I'm headed to the southern corner of Indiana near the Mississippi and Ohio rivers!

But what towns am I going to research? To find that answer I click on Vanderburgh county and GenDetective shows the list municipalities that my direct relatives lived in. Now that I know which counties I am most interested in, I can expand my list of relatives to include the great aunts and uncles that lived there to get a slightly bigger list of names to look for in the local libraries, cemeteries and court houses.

As in other views in GenDetective, clicking on any of the names to the right of the map will takes us to the My Family View and a research progress worksheet for this person. Even better, now that I know the counties I am interested in, I can run a single county or multi-county trip planning report to assemble my trip materials!


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