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My Research Progress

My Research Progress is a primary visual component of GenDetective® 3. My Research Progress partners with my personal research goals to present a graphical representation of your research progress. GenDetective uses foot prints to show your path as you .. walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

As genealogists we know that we are never truly finished researching an ancestor. Instead, personal research goals help you identify the gaps in your research toward locating the demographic information about each relative. To learn more about My Research Progess click here to watch the video!

The main areas of the My Research Progress view include:

  1. The number of people found in each generation. People are displayed based on their relationship to the home person.
  2. Your research progress for each demographic area for this generation, each link can be clicked.
  3. A clickable list of demographic areas and accompanying research progress.
  4. Reports of Interest that match the contents of the information shown in #2 and #3.
  5. List of relatives with this relationship to the home person; clicking on a name takes you to a report about this person in the My Family View.
  6. When area #3 is filled with a list of people, click this link to print this list!


My Research Progress, a top-level view


To see additional information about any listed demographic area, click on one of the research areas shown in area 2 in the above picture. For this picture, I selected Vital Statistics which results in a graphic similar to the one shown below. There are two notable areas in this image:

  1. Bar chart: this chart shows your research progress for each demographic that makes up the research area. There are three possible colors for each bar: purple (located research), pink (partial research) and blue (missing research)
  2. List of demographic facts: which mirror the areas shown by the bars. Clicking on any of these links is the same as clicking on one of the color bands in the chart.


My Research Progress for vital statistics


Clicking on any of the colored bars in the chart area or on one of the links listed below the chart result in a view that is similar to what is shown below. Note that instead of the list of links as shown in the image above, the list has been replace by the people who match the research demographic that you clicked on! Clicking on any of these people will jump you to the My Family View and display a research progress worksheet for the selected person. Note too, that the link Print this list is now active and you can print the list of people that are currently displayed!


My Research Progress showing research progress for individual people


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