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My Tree View

My Tree View is new feature of GenDetective® 3. This new view provides a traditional, familiar, "block" approach to navigating a your family tree combined with the insights of My Personal Research Goals to provide a powerful new feature!

My Tree View picture


The key features of the My Tree View are numbered in the picture above and are:

  1. Person block: family member from your tree. Each person connects by lines to their parents. Each persons name is listed, birth and death deaths and a shoe print showing the number of foot prints showing current research progress for this person.
  2. Arrow: press to navigate to the next generation for this person.
  3. Shoe print: the number of footprints that shows the research progress for this person. This is a "condensed" version of the more traditional representation in GenDetective! research progress
  4. Family Members: list of family members for the highlighted person. Click on any name to change the "perspective" of the family chart to the selected person.
  5. Research Progress: detailed research progress for the currently selected person.
  6. Timeline: timeline for the currently selected person.
How do you get to the My Tree View? You can click on the My Tree button in the toolbar, you can select the My Tree from the View menu, or you click on the Current View dropdown and select My Tree View!
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