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My Video Library


The My Video Library is a powerful tool in GenDetective®, and is your video learning and management center! Use My Video Library to watch videos and learn about new features and reports. In addition, My Video Library, manages the downloading and storing of GenDetective videos on your computer. While the video library is not complete, it will continue to grow over time, adding to the knowledge base that is available to GenDetective users. To get additional information about My Video Library click here to watch the video!

One of the primary features of My Video Library is the ability to quickly identify a video that discusses a report that you wish to work with! When you run a GenDetective report, at the bottom of the report screen a note will appear when there is a video that discusses the current report, along with a time code. This time code will allow you to jump forward into the video to where the discussion begins and listen from that point forward. What a time saver!

You can navigate to the My Video Library at any time by:

Screenshot My Video Library


On the left side of the screen is a list of the libraries and videos in each library. You may notice 3 different images in the screen:

video camera showing GenDetective videos downloaded to computer This video has been downloaded to your computer and is available for viewing
keys showing GenDetective videos that are licensed and not downloaded This video has been licensed but has not yet been downloaded to your computer
lock showing GenDetective videos that have not been licensed This video has not been licensed yet

The first question that you may have is do you have to purchase every video? No, there are many videos that are included as part of GenDetective that demonstrate the usage of its core features, and a list can be found below. If you purchased GenDetective as a download from the website, you can download the videos at any time when you wish to view them (keys image).

  1. Getting Started with GenDetective v3
  2. Introduction to GenDetective
  3. My Tree View
  4. My Family View
  5. My Maps View
  6. My Research Progress
  7. My Video Library
  8. Overview of GenDetective
  9. Reports by Task
  10. So What Is A GEDCOM File Anyway?

What videos can you purchase? Our growing library of GenDetective Video Series videos delve into the details of individual reports, and cover topics like source reports and trip planning. You can purchase videos from GenDetective Video Series catalog at any time.

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