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My Personal Research Goals

Have you wanted someone to just tell you which relatives need additional research? A hint, or a big blinking neon sign saying: you should research this person!

GenDetective® 3 includes a feature we have named My Personal Research Goals which will do just that; identify the people that need additional research. My Personal Research Goals provides a mechanism to share your goals, or the kinds of information you attempt to find, with GenDetective. These goals are yours and yours alone, and may differ from the goals of other researchers. The research and documentation required for someone whose goal is to join DAR or the Mayflower Society is different from the researcher who does not have such lofty goals. To learn more about My Personal Research Goals and My Research Progess click here to watch the video!

Using your personal research goals, GenDetective can now recommend the relatives that need additional research! Instead of saying I want to research a specific type of record or person today, the question becomes: Which of my relatives fall short of my personal research goals?


So what's up with these foot prints? They are a visual cue, a way to quickly see research opportunities. Many of us view our genealogy research as a lifetime task. A journey of discovery, of good and bad, with ups and downs, great finds, and great frustration at what we fail to find. Think of these foot prints as a way to guide us, to identify our progress against our personal goals. As we all know, there is no such thing as being 100% finished with our research, but these foot steps may help guide our continuing research.


New in GenDetective 3 is the ability to tailor your research goals based on specific relationship. Have you wanted to say, I collect wills but only for the people in my direct line, but not anyone else? You can now do that! The ability to set goals by relationship is specific to the broader categories: direct, close, intermediate, distant and unrelated people. Our suggestion is to set the most general goals for everyone, and then specify the stricter goals for the selected relationships. To see your Personal Research Goals in action, see My Research Progress.

My Personal Research Goals can be configured in GenDetective® by going to the Configuration menu and selecting My Research Goals. When you do so the following popup will appear:

GenDetective Personal Research Goals configuration dialog
















To set your desired goals, configure the series of check marks (checked means included, unchecked is excluded) and the year ranges with the associated fields until your goals reflect your research habits. You might notice that information such as birth, death, parents and names are not included in this list. Since the goal of our research is to locate people having a name and such very basic information such as a birth are included by default, and can not be excluded.

To save your goals press the "Save My Goals" button and continue using GenDetective.

At any time you can return to this option and reconfigure your Personal Research Goals so that they fit your current needs and goals!

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