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Reports By Task

Reports by Task is your first stop when creating reports in GenDetective. Even though you can create reports in My Maps View, My Research Progress, My Graphs View, My Family View, and My Tree View, Reports by Task is the place you will go when you want to create reports for a research trip or if you need a report to see what military service you have located or identify who is missing census records! For additional information about using Reports By Task click here to watch the video!

New in GenDetective 3, the Trip Planning Guide has been relocated, and is now found as the last entry in Reports by Task

The reports in this view are grouped by their usage, in a question-answer format, so that you can easily match a report to a record source or identify types of information located. The top-level questions (tasks) are:

Reports By Task view in GenDetective showing major genealogy research areas

Inside each question is an additional series of questions that you use to help you narrow in on a more precise set of questions. When you get to the triangles as shown in the picture you have reached the actual reports. To run any of the reports click on the title or press the triangle. GenDetective will display a sample report and ask you any information that is needed to create your report.

For example, if you were traveling to Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties, Indiana, USA to research your direct relatives, to create your research trip packet you would click on:

  1. Help me organize my trip!
  2. My county research trip
  3. My multi-county research trip packet

GenDetective report options dialog

Fill in the popup that appears as shown in the Your Report Options screenshot. For my family tree, with the information filled out as shown in the screenshot, a 20 page Research Trip Packet for Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties, Indiana is generated. You can see that report by clicking here. As with all GenDetective reports you can:

  1. Print the report
  2. View it on your computer
  3. Transfer it on your tablet, cell phone, or another computer
  4. EMail it to a fellow researcher
That easily you have a report ready for your research!
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