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The Trip Guide

Todays generation of genealogists have developed their hobby by using the internet for their research. In fact, many genealogists will acknowledge they have never researched in a county courthouse, library, historical society or a state archive. The Trip Guide view in GenDetective was created for todays genealogists who do not have much experience planning a genealogy research trip. When faced with the prospect of planning a first research trip, or following one that didn't work out as hoped, many genealogists have expressed uncertainty as how to proceed.

The Trip Guide is designed to provide guidance, suggested approaches and identify the reports that will help you plan your trip and create effective research plans. The Trip Guide is located in Reports by Task. The Research Trip Planning Guide is the last item in the Reports by Task list.


GenDetective Genealogy Trip Planning Guide


The Trip Guide is broken down into 4 separate areas:

  1. Where are you traveling to?
  2. Who should you research?
  3. Preparing you research plan(s)
  4. Post trip follow-up
Each of these sections consists of a Adobe Acrobat PDF document that offers guidance on completing each step. Additionally, specific GenDetective reports which are designed to help with the trip planning process are discussed in each section. The goal of the guide is to offer suggestions. It is not the only way to plan a research trip. Instead, it is designed to combine the elements of GenDetective that are designed specifically for trip planning with helpful advice so you can feel confident when making that first genealogy trip.
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