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Gen Detective by Rumblesoft, Inc. Rumblesoft, Inc.

GenDetective® 3 Updates

Download Update 3.2 Now
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Update version 3.2 for GenDetective 3 is now available.

This update also corrects a few issues:




GenDetective 2.4 Update Released
Download Update 2.4 Now
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Update version 2.4 for GenDetective 2 is now available.

This update includes the following enhancements:

This update also corrects a few issues:

GenDetective 2.3 Update Released
GenDetective 2.2 Update Released
GenDetective 2.1 Update Released


GenDetective Best Practice:

Uninstall GenDetective 2011 before installing GenDetective 2. While running both versions of GenDetective you may encounter issues connecting to the database when switching between the different versions of Access, based on your computer configuration. Even though GenDetective maintains separate databases and configuration files, sometimes Microsoft Office will need to reconfigure itself when switching between the two verisons. We understand this can be frustrating, especially if the reconfiguration does not happen automatically. Because of this we recommend only using one version of our product. If you would like to keep both versions, we will be glad to show you how to force the reconfiguration of Microsoft Office/Access when switching between versions.

Click here to download the new GenDetective® 2 software update.


GenDetective® 2011 Update Released (v 1.6)
GenDetective® 2011 Update Released (v 1.5)
GenDetective® 2011 Update Released (v 1.4)
GenDetective® 2011 Update Released (v 1.3)
GenDetective® 2011 Update Released (v 1.2)
GenDetective® 2011 Update Released (v 1.1)
GenDetective® 2011 Update Released (1.0.01)
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